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John the Baptist


John was noted for baptism, hence the name.  The baptism of John was a baptism unto repentance for the remission of sins.  The baptism of John, being from God, was effective to this end. (Mark 1: 4 Luke 3: 3 Acts 13: 24; 19: 4)


Who was John the Baptist and what did he teach?

 John the Baptist

(Luke 1: 77)

           Matthew 3: 1)

           (Matthew 3: 8; Luke 3: 10- 14)      


Were the Apostles baptized with the baptism of John?

 At least some of the Apostles were disciples of John before they began to follow Jesus. It is very likely that they had been baptized with the baptism of repentance.  After they began to follow Jesus, Jesus and His disciples baptized with the baptism of repentance.  It is safe to conclude that all of His Apostles were baptized with the baptism of John, a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.  (John 1: 35- 37, 40-42; 4: 1, 2)


What requirement did Jesus set out in regard to entering the kingdom?

One must be born again, born of water and the Spirit.  This is true whether the water is from the baptism of repentance of John or the baptism in the name of Christ.  (John 3: 3, 5)


How did Jesus validate the baptism of John?

 Jesus validated the baptism of John when He submitted to it.  He also demonstrated that we all need to be baptized in water.  If the Lord of Glory can submit to baptism who are we to refuse it. (Matthew 3: 16; Mark 1: 9; Luke 3: 21)


Whom did Jesus receive at His baptism?

 Jesus received the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit descended like a dove and remained with Him.  (Matthew 3: 16)


Did Jesus baptize?

 Yes, Jesus and His disciples baptized with the baptism of repentance similar to John during His earthly ministry.  Apparently, Jesus Himself did not do the actual baptizing. (John 3: 22; 4: 2)


When did the validity of the baptism of repentance cease?

 Johnís baptism ceased when Jesus was given all authority and authorized baptism in the name of Christ.  (Matthew 28: 18- 20; Mark 16: 15- 18)


When did Jesus say the kingdom would come?

  Jesus said the kingdom would come in the lifetime of His hearers.  (Mark 9: 1)


When did baptism in the name of the Lord begin? 

 It began at Pentecost.   (Matthew 28: 20; Mark 16: 15; Acts 2: 38; 8: 12; 19: 5;

10: 48)


What is the Apollos-twelve disciples dilemma?

 The story of Apollos is found in (Acts 18: 24- 28) and the story of the Twelve Disciples is found in (Acts 19: 1- 7).  In the first we have one man who was acquainted only with the baptism of John and in the latter, we have twelve disciples who also knew only the baptism of John.  The Scriptures give no indication that Apollos was baptized again in the name of Christ while the twelve disciples were baptized in the name of Christ.


Did the twelve disciples receive the full teaching of John the Baptist?

 Clearly they did not for they had not even heard of the Holy Spirit and they did not know of baptism in the name of Jesus.


What is the difference?

 The Apostles and others and Apollos experienced a valid baptism of repentance.  That is, the baptism of repentance had not been replaced with baptism in the name of Christ.

The twelve disciples did not experience a valid baptism of repentance nor did they have the full teaching of John.  They received the baptism of John after it had been replaced by the baptism in the name of Christ.


This conclusion is a possibility not a certainty so we do not write dogmatically on this point.


When did the baptism of repentance end?

 The baptism of repentance by John ceased to be authorized when Jesus authorized baptism in His name.


Did Apollos receive the Spirit?

 The Scriptures indicate that Apollos was fervent in Spirit. This term is used in reference to those who had received the Spirit.  Again this is a possibility, not a certainty.  (Acts 18: 25; Romans 12: 11)


Does the Spirit always come with demonstration?



What was Apollos lacking?

 He knew of only the baptism unto repentance and not the baptism in the name of the Lord.  (Acts 18: 25)


To whom were the 3000 added? 

 They were added to the Apostles and other believers who had received the baptism of repentance previously and on Pentecost were baptized with and received the Holy Spirit.  (Acts 2: 41)


How do we all enter the body of Christ, the church?

 For by (in or with) one Spirit we were all baptized into one body.  Faith is the principle underlying baptism, the immediate factor.  (1 Corinthians 12: 13; Galatians 3: 26, 27; Romans 6: 3)


God Bless.

Arland  Pafford  


PS- I am indebted to a brother, William Jones, for opening my eyes to the Apollos- twelve disciples dilemma and sending two articles, one by Carl Ketcherside and the other by Wayne Jackson.


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