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Spirit Baptism

Did the baptism with the Holy Spirit, itself, empower the Apostles?

The baptism with the Holy Spirit did not of itself empower the Apostles to do the work of an Apostle.  We can be sure of this because Cornelius and his household would have been empowered also.

What power did the Apostles receive?

They received the following powers:

           John 15: 16

           John 16:14

How do we know that the “power” is not the Holy Spirit? 

We can be certain because:

What are the gifts of the Spirit?  1 Corinthians 12: 7-11

They are:

What is the baptism with the Spirit?

The following is said in the Scriptures:

With what does the “baptism with the Spirit” have to do?

The “baptism” means immersion, it has to do with how the Holy Spirit is dispersed, not with what is dispersed.  God poured out His Spirit so richly and so abundantly that they were said to be immersed in the Spirit.

How does God pour out His Spirit today?

God pours out the Spirit richly or abundantly through Jesus Christ.   Titus 3: 6

What did Cornelius receive?

He received the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gave him the gift of the Spirit, the ability to speak in tongues to confirm that he had received the Spirit.  

Acts 10: 45, 46

What did the Apostles receive at Pentecost?

They received the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gave them the special powers promised by Christ and the gift of speaking in tongues.  The sound of the rushing mighty wind and the tongues as fire were incidental.  They were the attention getters.


The baptism with the Spirit does not have to do special powers per se.  The baptism has to do with the immersion in the Spirit.  God gives the Holy Spirit to all His people.  The Spirit gives gifts as He wills.  The Apostles received special powers as promised by Jesus.  They also received the “gifts of the Spirit” and bestowed the Spirit by the laying on of hands.

Baptism with the Spirit indicates that God pours out  the Spirit on all of mankind so richly and abundantly that they are said to be immersed in the Spirit.


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